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What Does A Natural Gas Leak Smell Like?

Natural gas is a preferred fuel for many homeowners and commercial property owners across Australia. It is a clean fossil fuel that is safe to use, better for the environment and produces fewer greenhouse emissions compared to many other fuels. However, it is necessary to be aware that this is a highly combustible material and can produce a lot of heat even when small amounts of it are burnt. 

It means in case there is a leakage on your property, it can to be hazardous to health, life and your property because it spreads very quickly and catches fire fast. In case there is a gas leak in your home, any fire source or electrical spark can ignite the gas resulting in a devastating fire.

We at Dr Drain South Melbourne are one of the leading operators in this space and provide reliable and professional gas fitting services. One of the most important things when it comes to dealing with gas leakage is to be aware that there is one. It also means that you should know what signs to look out for.

Gas meter

Gas Leak Smells

On its own, natural gas is odourless. However, gas companies add tiny amounts mercaptan, which is a pungent chemical, to the gas. This helps users smell the gas in case there is a leakage. Even in low concentrations, this chemical has a strong smell like that of rotten eggs. If you detect this smell on your property, vacate the area without delay, call your gas company and a licensed gas fitter.

Preventive Maintenance 

We always recommend to our clients that they should get preventive plumbing maintenance done on their property. Skilled gas fitters will use the latest gas leak detection equipment in their work. They will conduct a thorough inspection of all the installations. In case they find any issues in the system or signs of a potential fault, they will inform you about it and fix it without delay. This timely intervention helps ensure that you do not have to deal with any gas leaks or risk hazardous situations such as a fire.

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