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Can A Gas Meter Show If There’s Some Kind Of Leaking?

Whether the gas lines on your property are above or below the ground, they can suffer some corrosion or deterioration over time. The best way to ensure that you do not have to deal with these issues (which can be hazardous), is to opt for annual plumbing maintenance from professional gas fitters.

They have the training and equipment to detect potential issues which they address without delay, preventing the gas leak from occurring. We at Dr Drain South Melbourne are a leading company in this industry and offer reliable gas leak detection and repair services.

Gas meter

Gas Leaks Signs to Look Out For 

Many of our clients want to know whether there would be any signs indicating there is a leakage in their gas installations or plumbing. Here is some useful information:

  • If you feel that your gas bill is much higher than usual, without any change in your gas usage pattern, you likely have a gas leak somewhere in your home. There is a simple way to determine whether there is a gas leak on your property:
  • First, go to the metre and make a note of the reading that you see on it.
  • After that, switch off all the gas appliances.
  • Wait for a few hours and go and check the reading one more time.

If you find that the reading has changed, it indicates there must be a leakage in some appliance or pipeline. If you feel there is a gas leak and have tested the metre using the steps of mentioned above:

  • Switch off the gas connection at the metre
  • Make sure that all the gas appliances are switched off
  • Open up all the doors and windows
  • Do not light any candles, use lighters or electricity
  • Evacuate all your family members and pets from that space
  • Call an experienced gas fitter without delay

They will examine all the installations and pipeline using the latest and most advanced equipment to detect gas leakages. Once they have found the origin of the problem, they will fix it expertly.

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