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Why Is My Newly-Repaired Gas Line Leaking?

Gas leakage can happen without any warning, and it can cause a significant amount of damage to your property. Also, it can threaten the safety of your family or people working on your commercial establishment. This is why it is crucial to act if you suspect there is a gas leakage in your home or business premises.

We at Dr Drain South Melbourne are the licensed gas fitters that can tackle all types of gas plumbing installation, repair, maintenance and replacement works. Sometimes, property owners call us with gas leakages in newly-repaired plumbing lines.  Clients wonder why this has happened.

 Reasons for Gas Leaks in New Lines

There could be different reasons why your newly repaired gas line is leaking. Here we take a look at some of them:

It is always necessary to hire professional gas plumbers for all types of gas installations. If you have hired an unlicensed plumbing professional for the job, likely, they will not have the knowledge or skills to handle the job. Poor quality installation can only result in gas leakage. Never get repair work or new installations done from an inexperienced or unlicensed plumber.

gas leaking

Certain plumbing companies quote a low price for fixing gas leakages. It can also mean that they cut corners in their work and use inferior fixtures and fittings. Sometimes, these fittings or installations can become corroded or wear out soon after installation. When you are hiring any gas fitter, it is necessary to check their experience in the field. Do not get swayed by very low quotations for any gas fitting or other plumbing jobs. That can only result in problems down the line.

When You Detect a Gas Leak…

If you detect a rotten egg smell on your property, it indicates a gas leakage. Do not take this lightly or defer calling in a gas fitter. Immediately vacate your home, turn off the gas connection at the metre, call your gas company and inform them about the leak. Also, call a licensed gas fitter immediately. They will inspect all the gas fixtures and fittings on your property to locate the origin of the leak and fix it.

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