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Signs That You May Need Gas Pipe Replacement Sydney

Gas leaks can be incredibly dangerous to the health and life of your family. In case of a fire breakout, it can result in extensive damage to various features in your home as well. Natural gas does not have any odour. However, gas companies include an additive in the gas they supply to consumers. This helps in the detection of a gas leak as it has a specific rotten egg odour.

If you have leakage on your property, you must call experienced gas fitters without delay. We at Doctor Drain South Melbourne are one of the leading companies in this industry and handle the installation and repairs and maintenance of gas pipes, appliances and other gas fixtures and fittings on residential and commercial properties.

Signs of Gas Leaks 

Even before you call a gas fitter to address the leakage issue, you should be able to identify that there is a leak quickly. Here are some of the signs to look out for:

  • If you are not able to detect a leak, but you find that people on your property are feeling dizzy and nauseous or fatigued, without any apparent reason, it could be because there is a leakage of gas. It could indicate that the leakage has been happening in small quantities for quite some time.
  • You might also notice that there is a change in the air and environment in and around your property. Sometimes you might hear a hissing sound if the leakage is quite significant. Gas lines run from the outdoor areas to the indoor spaces of your home. If you see any brown or damaged grass for landscaping in that area, these signs could indicate that there is a gas leakage in the pipelines.
  • When there is a leakage of gas, you may find that the appliances connected to it are not functioning correctly. For example, the gas oven or BBQ grill may not work efficiently. The water heater may stop functioning, and you may have to deal with cold showers. If you find that the gas appliances on your property are not operating as they should get the gas line inspected.
  • Very high gas bills are another indication of gas leakages. If you have not detected a leak but are getting consistently high gas bills, it could mean that there is some leakage that has gone undetected.

gas leaking


Gas Line Repairs in South Melbourne

If you have noticed any or all of these signs of gas leakages, contact licensed gas fitters without delay. They will use the latest gas leak detection equipment and identify where the problem lies. They will also provide a proper fix and carry out the gas line repair without delay. Maintaining the safety and efficiency of your gas line and gas appliances is crucial. It is not something you can neglect or afford to defer.

Always get regular plumbing maintenance and service done. During these checks, the plumbers will inspect all the appliances, fixtures and fittings including ones connected to your gas lines. If they notice any problems, they will inform you, and you can get the repairs done before the problem gets out of hand.

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